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Sports Nutrition


Sports Nutrition

A healthy balanced nutritional diet should be a way life. Not only for our players but for all.

Implementing a structured nutritional diet consisting of the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats is essential to keep a high energy level and reach maximum performance throughout a full day of training or competition.

Our sports nutritionist Gianluca Barbara will provide our athletes with a well structured nutritional program and help them reach optimum health and performance.

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Gianluca Barbara

Graduating with a BSc in Nursing at the University of Malta. Working at St James Hospital with wounded Libyan militia as part of the LHA (Libyan Humanitarian Aid).

Post-graduate diploma in Nutrition and clinical dietetics from the University of Malta.

Masters degree at the University of Chester specializing in sports nutrition, weight loss and performance enhancement.

Gianluca is also a martial artist and the first Maltese National to have competed in a world championship in Taekwondo.